Gentlemen’s clubs are a place for innumerous encounters of the elite social class. Official dinners, formal teas, and prestigious parties are among the several exclusive events of the clubs. Edward Dining Table is inspired by King Edward I, known for his military campaigns and responsible for significant legal and administrative reforms.
Meticulously handcrafted in black stained ash wood with a rectangular, four-legged structure, and exclusive details in brushed brass, Edward has a majestic, yet unpretentious look, integrating the best in tradition with a modern approach. Every item exhales the air of fascination and prominence, compounding a unique, exclusive club’s experience and so is Edward Dining Table.

Edward Dining Table
Edward Dining Table
Edward Dining Table



W. 200 cm – 78.7 in       D. 100 cm – 39.4 in       H. 76 cm – 29.9 in

Materials and Finishes

Structure: black stained ashwood;

Details: brushed brass;