Gentleman’s prestigious clubs have an admired opulent surrounding, in part due to its wealth facilities, compounded with some of the most exquisite objects. Aiming for that exclusivity trace and the fascination feeling, Turner Standing Mirror is a unique piece that takes the name of one of the greatest British landscape painters. With a bronze mirror and a four-legged structure in walnut wood with natural matte varnish, Turner Standing Mirror blends the traditional expertise with a modern design approach, being enriched with details in genuine leather and polished brass. Meeting a club’s high standards, Turner Standing Mirror is the piece that will be an exclusive aesthetic delight.

Turner Standing Mirror in walnut wood, genuine leather and polished brass
Turner Standing Mirror Details



W. 80 cm – 31.5 in      D. 30 cm – 11.8 in      H. 195 cm – 76.8 in

Materials and Finishes

Structure : Walnut wood with natural matte varnish, Bronze mirror
Details: Genuine leather, Polished brass

Turner Standing Mirror Inspiration
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