Wood Tailors Club’s exceptional collection showcases a harmonious fusion of the most exquisite woods and meticulously curated finishes, meticulously handpicked for the art of Tailoring. With unrivaled dedication, skilled Portuguese craftsmen and visionary designers have ingeniously crafted each piece, bestowing upon them an unmistakable imprint that befits the discerning gentleman’s bespoke endeavor.


Solid Wood

Wood Tailors select the best part of the wood that is mainly used as solid wood, recalling the ancient carpentry laboratories and the respect for authentic manufacture. From drying to processing, every detail is taken care of with the utmost dedication and respect for the raw material.

Natural Oak
American Walnut
Smoked Walnut
Black Stained Ashwood
Natural Oak
American Walnut
Smoked Walnut
Black Stained Ashwood

Wood Veneers

Wood veneers, the epitome of natural beauty, are thin slices of real wood that enhance the aesthetic appeal of furniture and surfaces.

Natural Oak
American Walnut
Smoked Walnut
Black Stained Ashwood

Natural Cane

Rattan, a versatile and natural material, brings a touch of organic beauty to any space.

Natural Cane, Rattan Natural
Natural Cane, Rattan Smoked Walnut
Natural Cane, Rattan Wengue
Natural Cane, Vime Natural
Natural Cane, Vime Smoked Walnut
Natural Cane, Vime Wengue


Wood Tailors presents a sublime collection of a high-end range of metals to aggrandize your pieces.


Steel, Brushed Gold
Steel, Brushed Silver
Steel, Brushed Gun Metal


Brass, Brushed Brass
Brass, Aged Brushed Brass


Our textile collections encompass an extensive spectrum of colors, luxurious textures, and intricate patterns, elevating the decor of every facet of your esteemed project.



Linen Look

Lars, Linen Look, 90
Lars, Linen Look, 07
Lars, Linen Look, 89
Lars, Linen Look, 97
Lars, Linen Look, 100
Lars, Linen Look, 79
Lars, Linen Look, 77
Lars, Linen Look, 35
Lars, Linen Look, 81
Lars, Linen Look, 45
Lars, Linen Look, 59



Ascot, Bouclé, Nata
Ascot, Bouclé, Pearl
Ascot, Bouclé, Toffee
Ascot, Bouclé, Taupe
Ascot, Bouclé, Graphite
Ascot, Bouclé, Black
Ascot, Bouclé, Atlantic
Ascot, Bouclé, Olive Green
Ascot, Bouclé, Mouse
Ascot, Bouclé, Mostaza
Ascot, Bouclé, Brick


Plain Weave

Grace, Plain Weave, 01
Grace, Plain Weave, 11
Grace, Plain Weave, 16
Grace, Plain Weave, 92
Grace, Plain Weave, 93
Grace, Plain Weave, 94
Grace, Plain Weave, 99
Grace, Plain Weave, 75
Grace, Plain Weave, 79
Grace, Plain Weave, 39
Grace, Plain Weave, 38
Grace, Plain Weave, 24
Grace, Plain Weave, 59
Grace, Plain Weave, 58


Ecool Easy Clean

Linen Look

Ecool Easy Clean, Jasmine White
Ecool Easy Clean, Butter
Ecool Easy Clean, Acanthus
Ecool Easy Clean, Taupe
Ecool Easy Clean, Antracite Gray
Ecool Easy Clean, Inky Black
Ecool Easy Clean, Midnight Blue
Ecool Easy Clean, Spinach Green
Ecool Easy Clean, Forest Green
Ecool Easy Clean, Sweet Paprika
Ecool Easy Clean, Gallery Red


Wool Weave

Melton, Wool Weave, Flax
Melton, Wool Weave, Sand
Melton, Wool Weave, Rabbit
Melton, Wool Weave, Gull
Melton, Wool Weave, Shark
Melton, Wool Weave, Mushroom
Melton, Wool Weave, Chestnut
Melton, Wool Weave, Raven
Melton, Wool Weave, Rustic

Smooth III

Matte Velvet

Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Jasmine White
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Shell
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Bark
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Smoke
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Jet Black
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Midnight
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Kingfisher
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Combat
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Forest
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Tobacco
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Sangria
Smooth III, Matte Velvet, Russet


Woolure Easy Clean

Plain Woven

Woolure, Plain Woven, Natural
Woolure, Plain Woven, Ecru
Woolure, Plain Woven, Sand
Woolure, Plain Woven, Beige
Woolure, Plain Woven, Taupe
Woolure, Plain Woven, Dark Brown
Woolure, Plain Woven, Espresso
Woolure, Plain Woven, Indigo Blue
Woolure, Plain Woven, Moss Green
Woolure, Plain Woven, Mustard
Woolure, Plain Woven, Blush



Yucatan, Bouclé, 49450167
Yucatan, Bouclé, 49450220
Yucatan, Bouclé, 49450305
Yucatan, Bouclé, 49451124
Yucatan, Bouclé, 49450812
Yucatan, Bouclé, 49450985
Yucatan, Bouclé, 49451070
Yucatan, Bouclé, 49451279

Wild Thing


Wild Thing, Chevron, White on Black
Wild Thing, Chevron, White Cotton
Wild Thing, Chevron, White Sand
Wild Thing, Chevron, Wild White
Wild Thing, Chevron, Creamy Shadow
Wild Thing, Chevron, Linen
Wild Thing, Chevron, Indigo
Wild Thing, Chevron, Oil Green
Wild Thing, Chevron, Terracotta



Mix Bouclé

Lierna, Mix Bouclé, 49760133
Lierna, Mix Bouclé, 49760327
Lierna, Mix Bouclé, 49760230
Lierna, Mix Bouclé, 49760424
Lierna, Mix Bouclé, 49760812
Lierna, Mix Bouclé, 49760618
Lierna, Mix Bouclé, 49760909
Lierna, Mix Bouclé, 49760521
Lierna, Mix Bouclé, 49761006
Lierna, Mix Bouclé, 49761103


Plain Weave

Knossos, Plain Weave, 50000150
Knossos, Plain Weave, 50000245
Knossos, Plain Weave, 50000530
Knossos, Plain Weave, 50000435
Knossos, Plain Weave, 50000815
Knossos, Plain Weave, 50000720
Knossos, Plain Weave, 50000625
Knossos, Plain Weave, 50000340
Knossos, Plain Weave, 50000910


Linen Look

Ryder, Linen Look, JA6025-070
Ryder, Linen Look, JA6025-075
Ryder, Linen Look, JA6025-095
Ryder, Linen Look, JA6025-096
Ryder, Linen Look, JA6025-099
Ryder, Linen Look, JA6025-055
Ryder, Linen Look, JA6025-030
Ryder, Linen Look, JA6025-060
Ryder, Linen Look, JA6025-010
Ryder, Linen Look, JA6025-011


Rest FR Crib 5

Mohair Cotton Fur

Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-11
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-12
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-17
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-23
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-20
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-27
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-24
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-01
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-28
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-10
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-18
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-13
Rest FR Crib 5, Mohair Cotton Fur, K5266-15


Wood Tailors selects the full-grained, most exquisite leather, working it, keeping its qualities natural, transpiring, flexible, resisting, pleasant to the touch, distressed material, perfect in its imperfections that make it unique.


Rodeo, Light Brown
Rodeo, Brown II
Rodeo, Dark Brown
Rodeo, Blue
Rodeo, Green


Columbia Ivory
Columbia Cream
Columbia Elephant
Columbia Taupe
Columbia Chocolate
Columbia Black
Columbia Ocean
Columbia Emerald
Columbia Moss
Columbia Khaki
Columbia Toffee
Columbia Caramello
Columbia Marsala


Nabuk 3402
Nabuk 3403
Nabuk 3411
Nabuk 3405
Nabuk 3406
Nabuk 3416
Nabuk 3410
Nabuk 3437
Nabuk 3436
Nabuk 3409
Nabuk 3408
Nabuk 3440
Nabuk 3421
Nabuk 3424


Siza 472
Siza 491
Siza 474
Siza 494
Siza 452
Siza 495
Siza 496
Siza 430
Siza 490
Siza 499
Siza 498
Siza 487
Siza 488
Siza 460


Atlantida White
Atlantida Gardenia
Atlantida Oyster
Atlantida Soul
Atlantida Praline
Atlantida Root
Atlantida Black
Atlantida Universe
Atlantida Pine
Atlantida Dark Green
Atlantida Bamboo
Atlantida Sun
Atlantida Masai
Atlantida Muscat


Laguna Milk
Laguna Beige
Laguna Taupe
Laguna Clay
Laguna Stone
Laguna Black
Laguna Graphite
Laguna Dazzling Blue
Laguna Oxide
Laguna Amazon
Laguna Canary
Laguna Sun
Laguna Jasper
Laguna Cherry


Our lacquered colors embody versatility and sophistication, ranging from bold and daring tones to subtle and understated shades.

Lacquer, Milk White
Lacquer, Cream
Lacquer, Greige
Lacquer, Taupe Gray
Lacquer, Brown Gray
Lacquer, Black
Lacquer, Steel Blue
Lacquer, Petrol
Lacquer, Stone Gray
Lacquer, Amazing Green
Lacquer, Alloy Orange
Lacquer, Dark Brown
Lacquer, Coral Red
Lacquer, Cocoa Bean


Our natural marble selection offers timeless elegance and unmistakable beauty.  

Highly sought-after materials from all over the world make sophisticated scenarios and create stunning designs.

Marble, Gray Kendzo
Marble, Carrara Gioia
Marble, Emperador
Marble, Viana Green
Marble, Travertine
Marble, Forest Green


Glass, a transparent and versatile material, embodies both elegance and functionality.

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass. Extra Clear
Frosted Glass, Gris
Frosted Glass, Bronze


Glass, Extra Clear
Glass, Gris
Glass, Bronze


Mirror, Normal
Mirror, Gris
Mirror, Bronze


  1. The specifications for the fabrics denote their Fire Retardant (FR) and Water Repellent (WR) properties.
  2. All the upholstery items can be submitted to several fabric treatments after the production of the goods, such as Fire Retardant, Easy Clean, Anti-stain, or Water Repellent. These treatments are made under request, and they have costs associated.
  3. Please note that colors displayed on computer screens may not be entirely accurate. Use them as a reference only.
  4. Some fabrics may not be depicted to scale. Please use the images as a reference only.