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Armchairs Upgrade- Living Room

Armchair: Upgrade Your Décor With This Eye-Catching Piece!

Armchairs: When it comes to furnishing a room, one of the essential pieces of furniture to have. While sofas typically take center stage in the living room, armchairs provide an extra seating option that can make up the difference between a living space that feels bare and one that looks inviting and welldesigned.

Armchairs come in so many different styles that they can fit into any homecor, while adding to the overall design style of the room.

A well-chosen armchair is capable of injecting boldness and elegance into any space, and it can be the living room, bedroom, balcony or even the bathroom.

The first thing to consider when choosing an armchair for any room is the design style. From classic to modern, there is an armchair to fit any design and theme.

A good tip for choosing the furniture correctly is to be aware of the space where it will be allocated. If it’s a very large space, for example, you can choose a big armchairs. In smaller spaces, like apartments, it’s ideal to choose only one piece with a striking personality to not to give the impression of too much information in the environment.

Armchair Upgrade- Living Room

Galatea Armchair by Malabar

Therefore, we have separated in this article some types of armchairs that fit in different rooms in the house to inspire you:

1. Bedroom Armchairs

Armchair Upgrade- Bedroom
Armchair Upgrade- Bedroom

Armchairs can provide the perfect piece of furniture to complete and cohesively tie together the look of a room. The color, size and fabric of the armchair will make an impact on the look and feel of a room, so selecting one that fits stylishly with the existing space is essential.

An armchair can become the central and most important piece of the room.

In the bedroom, if there is not much space, the corner chair can take on the function of lateral support of the bed for books and small objects. It’s even capable of adding visual comfort to the space.

Inspire Pieces:

loren armchair 1

Loren Armchair by Ottiu

romy armchair 1 2

Romy Armchair by Ottiu

2. Armchairs for a Closet

Armchair Upgrade- Closet
Armchair Upgrade- Closet

Adding a few carefully chosen armchairs to your closet renovation can make all the difference in the atmosphere and functionality of your space. Aesthetically, armchairs are both highly desirable and versatile.

By making a single armchair the central piece of your closet design, you can draw attention to its design elements while also pairing it with other armchairs and furnishings to create a more unified look. Even if you only have a corner of the closet to accessorize, armchairs can still play an integral role.

In the closet, the armchair will have a utility purpose because it serves as a support when dressing. But that does not mean that they need to be boring. So bet on comfortable and style models, and make sure it doesn’t just become a support for used clothes!

3. Living room Armchairs

Armchair Upgrade- Living Room
Armchair Upgrade- Living Room

Although it may seem like a small addition, armchairs can instantly transform a balcony into a cozy area. Not to mention, theyre incredibly versatile. Quality armchairs come in a range of colours, from neutral colours for a minimalist look, to bright shades to liven up the area.

Plus, armchairs dont just come in solid color, but you can select from a variety of patterns to fit the style of your home.

Whether youre looking for classic prints or bold geometrics, armchairs are an easy way to embody the look youre going for.

The living room asks for striking pieces so is the perfect place to abuse the scenic chairs. When choosing a lounge chair, you create an invitation that makes your visitors feel free to stay longer in that environment.

Inspire Pieces:

Armchair Upgrade- Peggy

Peggy Armchair by Ottiu

Armchair Upgrade- Moore

Moore Armchair by Wood Tailors Club

4. Bathroom Armchairs

Armchair Upgrade- Bathroom
Armchair- Upgrade Bathroom

Armchairs come in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes, styles, materials, and colours, so whatever your taste, theres sure to be an armchair to suit. Contemporary armchairs often feature neutral shades, sleek silhouettes.

In the bathroom, the armchairs will have a more figurative feature, focused on aesthetics, but they can also serve as support while you are getting ready to leave the house. Dare on colours and fabrics and think of materials that will not create mold with the presence of moisture.

5. Balcony Armchairs

Armchair Upgrade- Balcony
Armchair Upgrade- Balcony

The Balcony is a versatile and often underestimated space in the home. Not only is it the perfect spot to enjoy the warm summer breeze, but it can be used as an extra living space for family and friends. Of all the items you can put on the balcony, the most practical and stylish choice is armchairs.

On balconies, hammocks and wooden armchairs are ideal thanks to the strength and durability of the material. Since it doesn’t spoil even when exposed to the sun and rain. And as the balcony environment is conducive to relaxing, using stripped models make the difference.

Inspire Pieces:

Armchair Upgrade- Crockford

Crockford Armchair by Woodtailors Club

william rocking armchair 1 1

William Rocking Armchair by Wood Tailors Club